Houghton Homes commercial activities have evolved over the past few years to include major investments in exciting schemes with partner companies and we are proud to announce the launch in 2021 of our new capital investment company Chapel Hill Capital.

Chapel Hill Capital – helping property focused businesses to grow 


In 2021we founded a new company, Chapel Hill Capital to provide backing to property focused entrepreneurs. We are a Cambridge-based family office that looks to partner with high quality businesses servicing the property sector. Our primary expertise is residential development, having more than 25 years’ experience building in and around Cambridgeshire through Houghton Homes. Our aim is to partner with entrepreneurial businesses and provide the capital they need to grow. Although not limited to, our current areas of interest are as follows:


Residential Property Development
Our bread and butter. We look to partner with developers, providing them with financial support, and advising throughout the build process whilst utilising our 25 years of experience in property development. We provide financial support in the form of mezzanine debt and joint venture equity, tailoring solutions to each individual development.


Healthcare Development
With an ageing demographic, we expect to see growing demand for housing solutions that provide for an older customer. From assisted living to specialised nursing homes, we are interested in development opportunities that address this market.


Sustainable Technology
We are interested in businesses that focus on either the delivery or maintenance of sustainable products for the housing market. This includes heating solutions, solar panels, and battery systems.

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